All About Eve

Raymond Chandler was one of the leading mystery authors of the 20th century including a slick fiction called I’ll Be Waiting for You. It is widely believed the hotel in the story is the Mayfair Hotel, a place frequented by Eve Cressy and Johnny Ralls…

A young detective is keeping an eye on Eve Cressy, a gangster’s moll awaiting the return of her lover, Johnny Ralls, from prison.  She has been at the hotel for five days without leaving.  Johnny was tall with black hair and an angular face.  He held a gun as though he knew about guns.  Eve was willing to risk everything, even her life, to see him again.  She was not the only one waiting for Johnny’s return…  The Trouble Boys were also waiting to take care of unfinished business…

Inspired by Chandler’s character, Eve American Bistro is a softer, more feminine take on a traditional European bistro sourcing the freshest, seasonal ingredients.

your neighborhood bistro with a delicate twist


Modern American Meets Traditional European

Eve’s elevated yet approachable menus feature seasonal, organic ingredients with unique offerings from our rotisserie, customizable raw bar, and playful additions at brunch.